Statewide Bus Fares

Fares can be paid in cash (exact change), with a Pass or a DARTCard. Click to buy DARTCards online.

Download the DART Pass mobile payment option to pay using your phone. Click for more information on the DART Pass app.

Fares are good for a one-way trip.

  One Zone Two Zone Three Zone
Cash * $2.00 $4.00 $6.00
Cash - Reduced Fare ** $0.80 $1.60 $2.40

Children (46 inches in height or under) Free ***
Blind (with DVI photo ID card) Free

*Cash fares can be paid with exact change using coins and $1 bills only. Drivers do not carry change.

**Reduced Fare - Medicare Card or DART First State Reduced Fare ID card is required for payment of reduced fares or use of prepaid Reduced Fare DARTCard. For more information call 1-800-652-DART. Reduced Fares are for people who are age 65 & over, or who have a certified disability. Get the application below:

SHORT FORM - (If you are 65 or older or have a Medicare Card)
FULL FORM - (If you have a disability and do not have a Medicare Card)

***When accompanied by a fare-paying adult, otherwise regular fare applies. No more than two children free per fare paying adult.

Sussex County Flex Off-Route Option (by reservation) - Applies to Routes 901, 902 and 903 - Cash or DARTCard only: $1.00

Routes 62 and 64 have a fare of $1.00. No further discounts apply.

Valid SEPTA Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses are acceptable as fares on all DART bus trips within Northern New Castle County.


  One Zone Two Zone Three Zone
Daily Pass (Purchase in Advance or on Bus*) $4.20 $8.40 $12.60
7-Consecutive Day Pass (Advance Purchase) $18.00 $24.00 $36.00
30-Consecutive Day Pass (Advance Purchase) $65.00 $96.00 $144.00

Passes are nontransferable.
*If purchasing on the bus, please request from the driver before paying with cash or DART Card


The best value is a Pass (see above) if you ride more than two buses per day. For speciļ¬c transfer locations, please call 1-800-652-DART.


ADA Paratransit fare is $4.00

Non-ADA Demand Response fare is $6.00

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures individuals with disabilities comparable transportation within ¾ mile of a local regular bus (fixed route.) If both the beginning and ending points of a trip are within the ¾ mile of a local regular bus (fixed route) during the days and hours the route operates, it is an ADA Paratransit trip and the fare is $4.00. If not, it is a Non-ADA Demand Response trip, resulting in a $6.00 fare.

The County Connector fee is $4.00. If you are traveling to another county, the second/third leg of your trip is considered the County Connector.

The fare for your specific trip will be confirmed at the time of your reservation. If you have specific questions regarding fares or to determine if you qualify for a Regular Bus (Fixed Route) Reduced Fare, visit or call 1-800-553-3278, Option 5.

Methods of Payment (due at time of boarding the bus):

  • Cash: Please have the exact change. Operators are unable to make change.
  • DART Pass app: Use DART Pass to purchase and pay your fare with your mobile device. For information visit
  • Strip Tickets: Purchase Online or Other Locations to Buy Tickets
    $2.00 Strip tickets can be purchased in strips of 6 tickets ($12.00)
    ($1.00 and $3.00 Strip Tickets will continue to be accepted)