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Riding DART public transit means sharing the ride. It is important for riders to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Getting There with DART can be a pleasant, safe, and comfortable experience when all riders have consideration for each other.

  • Seats are for customers - no feet or belongings/packages on seats when the bus is full
  • Be considerate of the special seats marked for riders with disabilities and seniors, and offer seats to parents with children
  • Allow customers in wheelchairs to board first
  • When standing, do not block doors and do not stand in front; move to the rear; use the rear door to exit
  • When talking to others, please no loud or abusive language
  • Practice cell phone courtesy by setting ring tones to vibrate, using an inside voice and avoiding loud two-way talk; no use of speakerphones
  • Use earphones or headphones for your listening pleasure; set on low
  • Your safety and comfort are important. Listen to requests from the bus driver or other DART staff
  • No smoking on vehicles or at train stations
  • No food or drink on vehicles
  • Dispose of trash and recyclables properly especially at bus stops and bus shelters
  • Fold strollers (except wheelchair strollers) and carts before the vehicle arrives
  • Have your fare ready when you board
  • Don't leave the bus driver guessing - use the request cord to signal your stop
  • Soliciting and loitering is not permitted
It is YOUR transit system. Together we can help make passenger etiquette a daily habit that is appreciated by all DART riders.